Are you looking for a way to take your website or blog on another level? The best and easiest way to do that is to find some great pictures that will accompany the written material and really make it stand out. When looking for images online you have to be careful that you are not taking the work of someone else without their approval because that is highly unethical and to avoid making this mistake the best thing that you can do is look for creative commons images online, and in this article we will tell you exactly where to go.

Wikimedia Commons

With over 15 million different images that are available, as well as other free media such as sound and video files, this is definitely one of the best places to go to when looking for images under the creative commons license. When on the website, you will be able to browse through it by different categories such as animals, medicine, flowers and so on, or browse by location, the type of media that you are looking for, the source, the license and more. The images are all either with a CC license, a public domain license or a GFDL license.


This is definitely one of the best and most popular places to go to when looking for creative commons images online and it has really taken the internet by storm in the last couple of years. This site now has a very large community of over 200.000 images, it boasts over 100 million downloads, it has partnerships with huge companies such as Apple, and it actually has more daily views than The New York Times itself, and that is definitely not a joke. It is safe to say, that you will absolutely be able to find whatever kind of image you are looking for on this website.


Unlike the options above, this is actually a single author website. All of the images are property of the author of the site, Martin Vorel that lives in Prague. Despite this being a one-author website, there is still a lot of choice on this site because there are several hundred images available. There is a great feature on the site that will let you see what the most popular images were over the last 24 hours, over the last month, or even which have been the most popular since the beginning of the site. This is a very helpful feature to have because it will help you see what other people like and what they respond to the most.

As we said before, it is never a good idea to steal someone’s work without their approval because apart from it being unethical, it can also ruin your reputation and the last thing you want it to be known as the blogger that steals other creators’ content. All you have to do the next time you are looking for creative commons images online is to go to the suggested websites above and you will be on the right track.

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