6 Key Tips For Choosing The Right Royalty Free Images

There is a ton of royalty free images websites out there, so finding free images is not an issue today. Let’s say you’ve scoured the internet and found the right website to download royalty free images. Now the question becomes: How do you choose the right images for your business website? There is a lot of information out there on how to choose the right free images for sites, but we’ve distilled the list to six: Check it out:

1. Know the destination of your royal free images up front

It’s prudent to know the destination of your images before you download them. Are they for your blog, business website or other authority websites? The images you post on your blog would not be the same as those you’d post on your site or other authority websites. For example, authority websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Medium have guidelines on the images you can upload to their websites. So, if you want to use royalty free images on those websites, they must be of a certain quality, size and dimension, which means you’ll need a bit of editing before you upload them. With your personal blog or website, it’s a bit different. You can determine the quality, size and dimensions you would like to use.

2. Getting to grips with contrast is key when choosing royalty free images

If you’re looking to incorporate graphics and text, you should be able to identify areas of low contrast on your images. The trick is to choose royalty free images with areas of low contrast to ensure your text and graphics project an even and consistent backdrop. For example, if you choose a royalty-free image with a lot of blue shades, it’s considered low contrast. Therefore, adding white text and graphics on it will have a high contrast with the image.

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3. Choose royalty free images that attract attention

With the population obsessed with colored visuals these days, you must choose royalty free images that grab their attention in the shortest time. The trick is to know the colors that pique people’s interest. Pink, purple and red tend to grab viewers and motivate them to share. On the other hand, colors like blue, green, black, yellow and green repel people, and they might not share your images.

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4. Choose royalty free images that prop up your message

Experts say that attention-grabbing royalty free images are great to use on your blog and website, as long as they don’t distract visitors from your main message. Typically, images that distract customers have the following qualities; too specific, controversial, recognizable, meme, and loud. Avoid those.

5. Be careful when choosing royalty free images that feature people

Many photography experts agree that images featuring people are impactful compared to images without people. They can cultivate trust in your brand, and a smiling face on your royalty free images can drive conversions. If you decide to choose an image with a person, it’s best to consider one with an actual person (either a customer or an employee), instead of a generic person. People psychologically follow the eyes of the real person on the image, and this can help you to create directional cues.

6. Take into account the shape and size of royalty free images

Size and shape are important factors when choosing royalty free images for your projects. Different platforms have different file sizes they want for their websites. For example, when looking to upload your images to social media, you should choose the following dimensions; Facebook (1200 x 628), LinkedIn (700 x 400), and Pinterest (735 x 1, 102).


Finding the right royalty free images is one of the steps to creating a successful business. The right images can evoke memories and motivate people to take action. So make sure to consider the above-mentioned tips to find the right images for your next project.